Monday, January 14, 2013

todays JEWELS!

I learned today that the way you treat God will reflect in how you treat yourself.  God is way more important than you, and if you refuse to give him certian things, you will surely find yourself not giving those things to yourself.  God should come first and foremost so that you can have a pattern for how to treat everything else in your life, including yourself!

I also am not impressed with blonde hair anymore even though people like Chef Ahki make it look SOOO dern beautiful!

Being friends is more than lauging and having a good time.  It's actually another type of relationship that you have to maintain and work on.  It will also bring things out in yourself that you need to work on.  I honestly don't really have any friends but that's because I haven't put work into any platonic relationship.  I hope at some point I will be ready to allow some friends into my life.

My edges are really thinning, and I really need to do something about it.  Now I have all this length and my edges are thinning.  Go figure.

I wear makeup for myself, to give myself the image of beauty I see in society around me.  However I am starting to think this super cute look is not what I want other's to see me as.  I think it gives people the wrong impression of me.  I appear superficial, shallow, and fake.  (just a little)  I love being cute because people treat you nicer when they think you're pretty.  But on the other hand i want deeper relationships than people who enjoy looking at me.  Not to mention that although I like blush, people tend to think I have some sort of rash on my cheeks.  hmph.

Adults amaze me at their inability to communicate.  Even people on TV!  They're good at talking, but not communicating.  It's sad.  If they just sat down and calmed themselves for a second and tried to think about what they mean, and how to get that across, so many araguements and disagreements wouldn't even exist.  smh.

Having a baby makes life very dirty.

Sometimes when love finally makes it's long awaited appearance, there's nothing you can do about it.  There's such a nice young gentleman at work who is soooo dateable and cute, but I'm just not interested.  Not cuz of him but cuz of me.  My life is so messed up right now, dating would just complicate things. too bad.  I could have just trusted in God and just waited.  It felt like forever then, but it really wasn't that long.

Guess that's enough jewels for the day!

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