Friday, July 15, 2011

Havent posted in a while...

Havent posted in almost a year so I guess I could give a catch up of what I'm doing. Here's a lobster tail style that I got from Kalia-dewdrop. (love her dreds)
My dreds are about 3 years old now. I love them to death. I have to be honest with you though, I get so insecure when I hear people talking about interlocked locks and how they are "not right" and they are taking them out to get sisterlocks. It makes me look at my dreds in the mirror and go, well I guess they are worth taking out... Or they're ugly, not right...

I DON'T KNOW! But the only thing is when I look at them in the mirror I really can't see much of a difference. They are much thicker at the bottom but that's because I started them with braids. So the braids shrunk up a lot. So I know that is going to be a part of my dreds until I cut them off.
Then I see people with sisterlocks and honestly people complain and complain of the time it takes to get them redone, the amount they have and the strength of their dreds. I listen to them and think, shoot! I need to keep mine! I don't even like to finish all of mine, I just have to many I know I have just under 500 and that's just overwhelming sometimes.

I encouraged my mother to get the actual sisterlocks. You can definitely see a difference but the difference is so minute it really doesn't matter. The difference between my dreds and sisterlocks looks like less than a 1\4 of an inch. per dred. Plus my mom and I have the same number of dreds! And hers are sisterlocks. I must admit however the parting is way better on the sisterlocks. But these are braidlocks. I went online and bought the instruction manual for 30 bucks and never paid a dime more. I'm doing it all myself so it's absolutely free. I know sisterlocks are beautiful, I know they are better, but at the end of the day my hair is clean, fresh, and MY HAIR! I hope all who choose go some sort of natural route. Any way is better than perms. But c'mon ladies we buy enough labels. Are we going to label our hair too?!