Sunday, February 28, 2010

More retightenings!

I'm not sure that it's that interesting, when you have locks you just retighten them all the time.  But when I first started mine I wanted a step by step detailed thing, so I guess I'll try and keep up.  So I made some new lock latching tools.  I like the hook, kind of, but..... well sometimes it does pull strands of hair, also it doesn't work at all with the edges, or the really tiny ones, only on the slightly smaller ones.

I realized also that my locks are technically micro's to smalls.

I want to also keep dying my hair.  I need to find someone that does it, because I will not be doing that myself ever ever! again.  Wow, that is a horrible experience!

at this point right now it's.... 19 months!  woooo hoooo!

I met a woman at my hospital with sisterlocks.  She said she gets hers combined because she can't stand them that small, she said they break a lot.  Hers are sooo tiny and neat!  But she keeps them short.  I won't be doing that, at least not until I'm much older.  Right now I plan on becoming the little mermaid!  We shall see how long the Lord allows me to get there.

I plan on moving!

I'm hoping to move to arizona.  I'm dating a guy right now but I don't care!  I'm not staying for him, and if he stays then it's over for us!

Right now living in CT I know that I cannot afford to live here.  Houses average around $300,000.  My cousin just bought a home in oklahoma for $40,000.  Now that I can purchase flat out living here in CT.  I make good money, I also live with my parents.  Within a year I could have the down payment for half the house!  and have minimal monthly payments.  I know it won't be a beautiful house, but at least I can have one.  I have poor credit, so I know I will never be able to afford a house here!  Never!

I'm just upset because my bf doesn't understand.  But he's quite a but younger than me and I tried to explain to him that we are at 2 different points.  I have to think about my son, and I want to raise him in a home in a good area.  Not in an inner city in an $1,500 a month cheap-ola apt barely scraping by!

It's amazing, but that's the way society's set up, and if they don't want me here in CT, that's fine, other states will take me!

And with my dreds I won't have to spend tremendous amounts on HAIR!  


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well there's not much going on in my hair life... I've redyed it and I'm just waiting for it to grow..... I want it to be long and neat NOW!  I's so jealous of all those with long dreds.  But people keep telling me that it's a process..... UGH! Well this is a process I don't like!

I cut out most of the extensions but some I left in and just cut as much as I could.  They tell you on youtube that they're not permenant and they will come out..... please!  They are not coming out as I'd like, so not the length is uneven....  Oh well that was a little mistake!  At least I didn't do my whole head.  No more extensions, real or fake!
I wanted to dye my head blond for a moment, but I had a rude awakening.  I like having my hair a dark brown but dying it is tedious and it's obvious I need someone to do it for me because the dred core does not dye at the same pace as my roots... and my edges.... my gosh, they dye like a white girls head!  And the back won't take at all!  

Lesson learned from that? 
Have a professional do it!

LOL. Doesn't it say that on the label?  ha.  I'm a knucklehead.

Well just updating for all those who follow me, I'll post recent pics.

I am at 18 months!  wow time flies... I'll never ever go back to perms....

(on the fish pic you can obviously see my extensions!!! WOW, randomly long... I don't like them now)

(And on the last pic as well you can see how they're just randomly longer and weird compared to the length of my hair! ohhh I wish I didn't do that, now I can't take it out! ugh)