Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well there's not much going on in my hair life... I've redyed it and I'm just waiting for it to grow..... I want it to be long and neat NOW!  I's so jealous of all those with long dreds.  But people keep telling me that it's a process..... UGH! Well this is a process I don't like!

I cut out most of the extensions but some I left in and just cut as much as I could.  They tell you on youtube that they're not permenant and they will come out..... please!  They are not coming out as I'd like, so not the length is uneven....  Oh well that was a little mistake!  At least I didn't do my whole head.  No more extensions, real or fake!
I wanted to dye my head blond for a moment, but I had a rude awakening.  I like having my hair a dark brown but dying it is tedious and it's obvious I need someone to do it for me because the dred core does not dye at the same pace as my roots... and my edges.... my gosh, they dye like a white girls head!  And the back won't take at all!  

Lesson learned from that? 
Have a professional do it!

LOL. Doesn't it say that on the label?  ha.  I'm a knucklehead.

Well just updating for all those who follow me, I'll post recent pics.

I am at 18 months!  wow time flies... I'll never ever go back to perms....

(on the fish pic you can obviously see my extensions!!! WOW, randomly long... I don't like them now)

(And on the last pic as well you can see how they're just randomly longer and weird compared to the length of my hair! ohhh I wish I didn't do that, now I can't take it out! ugh)