Thursday, January 29, 2009

finally I can start blogging on my hair!

So I've got braidloczs.  People aske me if they're sisterlocks, and I always say no, this is DIY found on the internet hair.  

I've always been natural.  I've never been a fan of perms for many many reasons....
I'd been natural for about 4 years when I saw a website on sisterlocks.  I thought they were the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I said what is that?!  I MUST have those....

I contacted a few people and realized for the length of my hair it would cost me upwards of $600!!!!  *OUCH!*

I was in college, with no loans, working part time to keep my child in private school, and I just said when I get out, I'll get it done.  so 2 years went by.  I got married.  I moved to arizona, where there was like 3 locticians in pheonix and I lived 15 minutes from the border....

I was bummed maintaining twists by myself trying to figure out what to do when.... (drumroll please) my husband told me that he had been cheating on me for a month and he was leaving me for her and he wished me luck with everything but it was over...


Needless to say in a rage I tossed the house, took his car and a bag of carrots and some peanut butter crackers and his car and proceeded to drive home.  From Arizona to Connecticut.... LOL.

I only made it to Oklahoma city.... lol.  Lets not even talk about how my twists looked at that moment....

I got home and was depressed, sad, and my hair looked like medusa on drugs.  In a waiting to exhale moment, I said I'm getting those dreds, but I'm doing them myself cuz I want them NOW!

So got on the internet and purchased the book on braidlocz and sat down for 3 days straight and braided my hair into itty bitty braids.  They came out like this and this was the first smile I had seen on my face in months...

So this was month 1.  Now it's different with braidloczs they're not dreds they're just braids so they shrink and puff up which I learned the hard way, so a lot of the length I had went away as the dreading process began.

you can see the difference in length here!^

Now as month 4 started to roll around I was able to do more things like curl them and not just braid them out for that crinkled look.  And they were beginning to dred, but only a little here

Here is month 6 you can see they're looking cleaner and more dreded, but honestly they're still not totally dreded!!!! I can tell because when I pull them they get longer and when I let go they shrink back like a spring.  I have little patience and want them to dred now and stop shrinking.  But these are braidlocks and not sisterlocks so it's gonna take a little more patience for these to dred up... but hey!  They were totally FREE!

So now I'm thinking that I need to start trimming the ends and I'm contiplating dying with hydrogen peroxide.  I'm a little nervous because people say that it's damaging and drying to your hair, however there are some out there that say dry hair makes it easier for the dreds to lock, so I'm still up in the air about it.  And on many websites it says as long as you condition it well, the peroxide should not have adverse effects.  I will try it and see what happens. 

I can always use lemon Juice... lol



  1. Your braidlocks are beautiful! They are so full!

  2. You are so unique! I can't wait to see what your journey brings!!!

  3. They look really good! I'm six months in too with braidlocks and for many of the reasons you braidlocked.

  4. Congrats on your locks! i started mine at a similar stage and time! I'm loving um! You look great! Enjoy like I am

  5. GORGEOUS hair girl!! Great job! So glad I found your blog!

  6. Awesome...I'm really glad I've found this site. I wish you were still in Arizona, we could have helped one another out with our hair. But your hair looks great.