Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My fault, My bad!

I really should have updated but I didn't.

I'm sorry.


I thought I would never make it, uggg.

Ok! So, SO many things have happened.  I got a new job, quit it, got another one quit that one too!  now I'm jobless.  

In the realm of hair, it grew and grew and grew...

I went on a helicopter ride this month, and had my locs.  I was happy I chose to interlock cuz if I had traditional dreds, I don't think the helmets and stuff would have fit on my head!  Another funny, is that I was riding along with these white ladies and when they took off their helmet their hair was SOO gross!  ugh, it stuck to their forehead and was wet and sweaty... a MESS!  I was so happy thinking, huh, I don't have that problem!

But I do have some other problems I will share with you..... let's update, so I think I stopped at 6 months...

I think these were around 8 or 9 months... I took them in my kitchen.

And this is the picture that I fondly remember thinking that I was soo cute.  It was 10 months I think.

Now at this point underneath, I'm just posing to show the length

And no one has told me how to do most stuff, some stuff that I don't even think should be a secret, or something sellable but it is!!! and that is ridiculious!!!

I took this picture at almost exactly a year. I remember looking at this picture, and loving the length but hating the style. I looked at it and the ends looked so messy and unkempt, and I couldn't just wash and go. It was so messy looking I had to pull it back or up just to go out, and I hated that, and I hated the lumps, and I'm not talking about the buggies at the end of your hair I'm talking about big knots that I had developed at the ends because of stuff that I had done wrong, it was just not cute...

SOOOO! I cut it. I'm not really sure how I feel about it, the edges are soo sooooo short, but one thing is for sure. I can now get up and just walk out the door. I cut off at least half of the knots!!!

The problem is that most people say that you shouldn't "groom" or cut or trim your locks for like 2 years, but I just couldn't do it anymore, if they mess up, they mess up. I didn't pay for this so this is a learn as I go situation. Hopefully it'll all be posted up here so everyone else doesn't have to go through the same drama... Another picture of the cut.

So right now that's where I am, I really REALLY miss the length! I really hate it this short, but I don't miss the messiness or the bumps!


  1. Hon, I think your cut is cute! On of my YouTube friends cut her ends at 5 months I think and her locs look fine from what I can tell. Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary.