Friday, October 16, 2009

Retightening 14 months

so it's 14 months and I'm like so happy!  Really I am.  The locks are thinning out and taking shape.  They're taking a good shape.  Most of the extensions I cut out with the exception of about an inch around the ears and stuff where I thought it was just TOO short!  ugg.

Went to talk to an airforce recruiter yesterday.  I asked him specifically about my hair and if it would be a problem if I joined.  I don't even think he realized it was dreaded cuz all he said was, "well I'd go with a natural color if I were you." lolol.  I didn't really feel like pointing it out...

Even though I cut it I can definitely see the growth and maturation of the locks.  Seems like when I cut the dreds they may not have been mature enough to have been cut.  Nothing crazy but it seems like they're unraveling about 1/4 of the way up.  Nothing crazy noticible, but when I do I hair I noticed. it.  They unraveled a tad and then seemed to swell and knotted.  90% of the dred stayed intact.  It was just interesting to note that!

I didn't use the hair pin tool today I used the latch hook.  It does catch quite a few other locks, but on the other hand it was definitely quicker this time around.  It still took me about 3 days, but I only spend an hour to an hour and a half every day on it.  So I'm still around 3 hours.  However I do watch a lot of TV in the mean time.

As for the extensions.  I figured out to make dern good ones, and I sewed them in.  Here's what I think after a couple of washings.  The synthetic looks less like my grade of hair however it holds its shape very very well.  How you finish it is for the most part how it stays.  The Natural hair looks just like mine, HOWEVER I cannot get the extension locks quite as small as my locks.  So I see why people say it's impossible to do sisterlock extensions.  I don't have sisterlocks but I have over 400 locks in my head and it's definitely hard to match the size!  Then again, I'm not at all professional.

In consideration of joining the airforce, I def will be keeping these forever!  For the ease of care.  I cannot be in bootcamp getting rained on and all that drama in the dirt with a perm.  LOL at the thought!



  1. I thought I had heard that the Air Force did not allow locs?

  2. Me too but when I went to the recruiter he didn't even notice. I think he thought they were braids. I don't think they officially allow dredlocks but they don't really know what it is. They're thinking dreadlocks=dirty matted clumps of hair. lol. that's not dreds and of course you won't know them when you see them if you are looking for unkempt matter clumps of hair, cuz that's not what I got. But they're definitely locks. lol.

  3. Since you mentioned that about the recruiter thinking they were braids and we did start with braids...sooo you could say "yes they are braids...permanent braids! lol