Monday, December 5, 2011

So I'm getting a little depressed regarding my hair and let me tell you why...

I have just finally reached over 3 years. I'm getting nice length to it as well however-

I used to be married to an abusive man.

The divorce will be final, GOD willing, this month. But on top of everything, he cut my hair. I was trying to get away from him, he told me to stay on the bed, and me being me, I got up and tried to rush past him out of the room. We struggled a little and he got me on the ground.

He was sitting on top of me, took a fist full of my locks and snip, snip, snip.

That was it for the front of my hair. Now, what I call bangs. lol. It was sooo short in the beginning. It was all I could do to just keep them locked up and not become an afro again. I had to retwist almost every time I washed. Now they are locking and growing back out. But now that my hair is reaching my shoulders my "bangs" are sticking out right at the front of my head!

Now this is the length where I'm supposed to be enjoying my length and doing new hairstyles and I can't because the front is just out of control!

I just don't know what to do. And it makes dreads look bad because the back is all neat and the front looks like I just lost my mind. I'm just praying it will get a little more length by the time the summer comes. ugh.

So what do you guys think I should do? any style suggestions?


  1. Wow. I think you're beautiful. Of course it doesn't really matter what I think: what do you think? How do you feel?
    With your locks tossed to the side like in the first pic : you wouldn't know the 'bangs' existed; so maybe rock it like that or do I coif/ pompadour of sorts to keep them stylish.
    I'm sorry you endured abuse and I hope you never have to experience anything like that again.

  2. You could flat twist the front in sort of like a headband. Or a funky lil side swoop bang. You could even even the bangs out n let em grow into a layered style. I personally think it cute and would rock them as a reminder of your strength, courage and determination.

  3. I would definitely cut a even bang in the front. I have always wanted bangs with my locs, but I am waiting until the back and sides grow at least to my shoulder.

  4. Thank you guys. I decided to go with the bangs. I will keep them. It is a reminder of the strength to get out, but also a reminder, not to go back.

  5. The decision to fix your dreadlocks or remove them should never make you feel as if you do not care about your natural hair being locked. Some people fix their damaged dreadlocks to make them thicker or thinner or if they are spliting into two.

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