Saturday, March 31, 2012


SOOOO! I decided to go with a new style AND a new color. I was reading up on sisterlocks and discovered that they flat iron their locks, so i decided to do the same for mine, and color it red! So here it is!!!!! My red color and flat ironed bangs. I love my new style now and think I will keep it for a few years. It's beautiful but it also has meaning to me now. I think it gives breath to my old hairstyle because it was getting stale. So this summer will be my 4 yr anniversary? Something like that. I will check to be sure.

Now, I feel like I'm getting to the point where I'm
happy with my locs. I am feeling satisfied with the length and the shape and the hang of them. Even the smell of them. When I first started with the locs I was obsessed with them; picking, preening, grooming, rolling, curling, cutting.... Every single day. I was constantly check them, comparing them with others the thickness and the length esp the length. I blogged as a way of dealing with the obsession and helping others.

Now I don't feel the need to do that anymore. But I guess I will continue... I can't wait until it's bra strap length, no it's still not there yet. I see now that it takes YEARS to get there.

I haven't at all talked about the abuse or anything thing else that I have gone through on here but let me say that when that guy cut my dreads it hurt everyday to see that. It also reminded me every day of what a man can do to you. So now I am not really needing a boyfriend anymore. Not that I ever did, but I really wanted one, and now I no longer do. A bf would be cool, but not to have one is just a cool because now I know they can really do a lot of damage and wreak havoc on your life! #Notworthit
So a new problem that I have discovered in my

dreadlock travels is that they are really hard to dye! I cannot get the color right. I wanted to bring the red closer to my head and it did NOT work. I ended up almost getting a total bleach blonde on the Left side of my head and it barely turned a color at all on the right side. You can't tell because I purchased a black rinse and put it on my roots so it wouldn't look weird. It takes a lot of dye to make my hair red, and sometimes it doesn't stick. I like the color but I would definitely like it to be more consistent, and maybe even a little more red. Either way, I like my new color and plan on sticking with it for at least a year. However I have no tips except have a professional do it. And if you don't keep a bottle of your natural hair color as a rinse just incase you end up with marylin monroe blonde. A bottle of black or dark brown and no one's the wiser. Good luck in your hair travels!


  1. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your're hair looks gorgeous! I have been through similar to you with a psycho guy but things just keep getting better...

  3. I like your color. Keep doin' you sistah and stay STRONG!! Afrolady

  4. your bangs and color is beautiful! keep us updated! xo