Thursday, April 12, 2012

x husband

My first xhusband is sneekily trying to get back with me.

I'm so shocked he didn't think I would figure it out! I told him the day that I left that if he let me leave, I would never come back.

So now year later he plots with a friend to trick me into meeting up with him and hanging out?

Why are men so fickle? Don't they understand divorce is not a game. It's serious. Once you make that decision to leave a woman you'd better be sure that the decision is a good one because once it's over it's over.

My life is not your game!

Anywho, I'm extremely forgetful lately. I hope it'll stop. It's starting to affect my daily life...


  1. Stay strong and positive :) Know your worth and if you decide to go back make sure it's what YOU want not what he/others pressure you to do :)
    I'm rooting for you to win!

  2. Be strong! Weak men look for strong women to cling to. Please keep looking ahead. It will get better and better.