Wednesday, November 7, 2012



It's like a curse word among African Americans, but it's true!  


Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that Obama's president.  Not only because he's black and it's just a way of sticking it to people who think blacks cannot achieve anything, but also because Romney scares me more than Pee Wee Herman standing in line to see the same movie as I.

At some point, I'm going to die, and at some point I believe I'm going to have to answer to my maker for the decisions I have made.  

My state is a blue state and it was going to go for Obama either way, all the political pundits knew this, so I figured this as well into my decision.  My vote was just going to be one drop in the bucket of millions upon millions who were contributing for the few electoral votes our state is allowed.  CT has my mental and spiritual support, but physical... not so much.

What decisions are we making here though?  Although I believe the road we have taken is already too far gone to make any real changes, I do not agree with the Elephant Donkey circus politics soap opera that we are playing on television.  What is happening is nothing more than a modern soap opera for those jaded by the bold and the beautiful type acting, if you can even call it that.

I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a conspirator here.... but maybe I am.  I do not think that Obama is maliciously doing ANYTHING to our country.  But do I believe there is a thick web of deceit and complicated coverups that go back before my birth.  Yes.  I think it is going to take serious long looks into our history, our policies, our procedures, our media, etc. for the U.S. to turn itself around and get on the right track. IDK, this article is a tiny shot in the dark of the abyss that is the U.S. Gov't, but I guess I wanted to finally stand up for a little of what I believe in.

I didn't vote because I do believe it is my responsibility to vote, but I am also going to be held accountable for the vote I place to my children and to my God.  I didn't vote because although I'm tickled by his presidency I do not co-sign with every one of his decisions, like for instance the decision to sign into law the act stating the american gov't has the right to indefinitely imprison any person in the U.S. without reason.  No.  I don't agree with that.  At the time I didn't agree with the bank bailout.  I've since changed my mind, but when it happened I was upset.  I don't want to have to answer to God for the decisions of this man.

Don't, however, take this as my consent to right-wing-ism.  I am NOT REPUBLICAN.  I do like some of their beliefs but the fact that racists feel comfortable sitting in their party is something that is impossible for me to support, and I'd also like them to answer for. Obama may not be someone I co-sign for but Romney is the anti-christ's cousin.  I probably would have searched for other countries that would accept me as a citizen if Romney won. Obama may not be perfect but make no mistake, Romney is a nose dive to the 6th level of hell.

ALSO (vent coming) Christian evangelicals in the media should be accosted for the manner in which they handled this election.  They lost all bearing and appeared disgustingly racist this election.  Allowing non christians to confuse God with hate.  The stupidity that appeared is sad and embarrassing, I'm sure angels around the world hid their faces.  Many christians lost their edge with Mitt.  That man is no christian, so how do you support him saying he has your beliefs?  HE'S A PAGAN!  And a pagan is a pagan!  If you didn't want Obama in office because he's "MUSLIM," and therefore non-christian, how in THE WORLD DO YOU SUPPORT ANOTHER NON-CHRISTIAN IN HIS PLACE?!  I'm disgusted.  Have a backbone and be consistent.  When Mr. Graham changed Mormonism in his web site from cult to non cult just for this election I think that solidified the doubt I have for his leadership qualities in my mind, not to mention his past.  ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH HYPOCRITES!!!!!!! #idigress

I have thought out my position.  I support the cause, I love being black, but I question where we are going as a country, even with a black man as the leader.  I don't blame blacks for voting for Obama because he is black, I rooted for OJ Simpson too!  I do not feel accepted by the republican party but I don't fully support democratic beliefs.  I do not automatically see gayness on par with being black.  I'm pro choice but to a point.  Maybe I'm more independent.  Either way the next time I vote it will be because I totally believe and support 100% the political stance.  I'm sorry. (P.S. I also secretly hoped for Ron Paul - ooooooo!!! There!  I said it!!!!)

Please don't hate me.


  1. Good for you for sticking to your principles. It's hard to do during this political climate. I agree with your general sentiment. I went from lifelong dem to independent bank in 2008, voted for president Obama the first time, but voted third party the second time. I moved back to my blue home state last year and knew it would go for electing the president for a second term. I made sure I voted for key elected officials in my home state this election.

  2. ^ back. And continue to trust your instincts politically. You're on the right track.:-)